Oh No… I Have Been Drinking and I Got Pulled Over!

Kevin Sieben Law, LLC presents a PowerPoint video outlining procedures to follow when stopped for a DWI arrest. The best advice is don't drink and drive.        

Power of The Prosecutor

The death of Internet activist Aaron Swartz has lead to a public discussion of the power prosecutors have over defendants.  Swartz, famous for his role developing Reddit,a social news and entertainment website,  recently  died as a result of an apparent suicide.  Schwartz's family members have publicly criticized the  U.S. Attorney’s office  for using the power […]

The Real Story on “Good Behavior” and Prison Sentences

Between the television news, newspapers, and movies, you’ve certainly heard it: “The prisoner got out early on good behavior.” But what exactly does this mean? And who is eligible? “Good behavior” is the colloquial term for what the corrections system officially calls the “good conduct allowance,” or “diminution of sentence.” Good conduct allowance policies vary […]

Will I go to Jail for my DWI?

The number one question on most people’s minds after being charged with a DWI is, “will I go to jail?”.  The answer to that question can vary depending upon the severity level of the DWI and the quality of lawyer you have fighting for your rights. In Minnesota and most other states, DWI’s are enhanced, […]