Drinking, Golfing and the Legal Consequences

After a cold, snowy, and long winter, the weather is finally improving which, for many Minnesotans, means it’s time to dust off their golf clubs and hit the course.  Many Minnesotans take the 4+ hours they spend on the golf course as an opportunity to enjoy some cocktails with their friends.  Unfortunately, this alcohol consumption […]

What is Drug Court?

Drug Court is a special court designed to rehabilitate certain felony offenders through long-term comprehensive supervision, drug testing, treatment services and immediate sanctions and incentives.  Drug courts promote recovery through a coordinated response to participants who are dependent on alcohol or other drugs.  The goal of drug courts is to engage individuals in treatment long […]

Protecting your reputation after an arrest

Having an arrest on your record might score you extra points with a few people, but trust us -- those aren’t the people you want to be around. Unfortunately, having an arrest on your record carries a profound stigma, and it can interfere with your life and your relationships. It’s true: telling your parents, grandparents, […]

Hunting, Drinking and Criminal Convictions.

Hunting is a favorite past-time for many Minnesotans and as with many favorite past times, some hunters like to enjoy an alcoholic beverage or two.  This raises the question, “is it ok to drink and hunt?” Under Minnesota Statute, a person may not take wild animals with a firearm or by archery if the individual […]

Felony vs. Misdemeanor Drug Charges in Minnesota

We’ve talked a lot about drinking and driving, but there’s another topic that warrants (no pun intended) attention. The topic? Drug charges. The official term is “Controlled substance” charges. According to 2010 Minnesota statute 152.01, controlled substance means “a drug, substance, or immediate precursor [….] The term shall not include distilled spirits, wine, malt beverages, […]

Under the Limit? You Still Could be Charged with a DWI.

You have had a couple of drinks.  You do the math; you know there is no way you are over .08.  Confident in your sobriety, you get behind the wheel to head home.  Then the flashing lights of a squad car appear in your rearview mirror.  You tell yourself that you are safe.  There is nothing […]

Let’s Play Ball! The Link Between Sporting Events and Alcohol

Whether it is a baseball, football or hockey game, alcohol seems to be the beverage of choice for many attendees.  Even before the game, many people tailgate around their parked vehicles with hamburgers, hot dogs and a beer in anticipation of the big game to come. In a recent study conducted by the University of […]