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Process of Gun Rights Restoration in Minnesota

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Gun rights are important to many Americans – after all, this is one of the first rights that was written into our Constitution. Many of our clients enjoyed hunting, target practice, and skeet shooting prior to their case, and they can no longer partake in these popular Minnesota activities after a criminal conviction. Others would like to keep a firearm in their home for personal protection. These are all valid reasons to own a firearm that should be respected. Sadly, not everyone in our state has the right to do so. 

Has a past criminal conviction prevented you from owning a firearm for years? If you’d like to own a firearm but have been convicted of a qualifying gun crime in Minnesota, you’ll need to work with a criminal defense lawyer to restore your gun rights. Here’s how that process works.

How to Restore Your Gun Rights

The process of requesting that your gun rights be restored is relatively straightforward, but that doesn’t mean everyone who petitions the court will have their request granted. It’s important to work with a firearm restoration attorney who understands how to create a compelling case. First, your attorney should gather court documents, criminal records, police reports, and information about why you’re seeking gun rights restoration. Based on this information, they will draft a petition that is filed with the court and a hearing date will be set.

On the date of your hearing, you will be accompanied by your attorney. You will have an opportunity to present your case to a judge. Once your hearing has been conducted, the judge will take the petition under advisement, make a decision, and notify you of the final outcome. The petition and hearing are both important components of a case like this, so it’s important to work with an attorney who has an understanding of the requirements and an idea of how a judge may feel about your case.

Minnesota Gun Rights Restoration Lawyers

Sieben Edmunds Miller’s criminal defense attorneys have helped many clients restore their gun rights after a conviction. Our popular Campaign to Restore Minnesotans’ Gun Rights has drawn the attention of those in the legal field and members of our community. We aren’t new to the challenges you may face as you work to restore your rights, but we have the expertise needed to overcome them. Contact our skilled team of firearm restoration attorneys to determine whether you are eligible to have your gun rights restored. Call (651) 994-6744 or submit your information.

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