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St. Paul Personal Injury Lawyers

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In St. Paul, You Need Serious Personal Injury Lawyers

Whether it is an accident on West 7 Street that injured you or a family member died in Midway Hospital due to medical malpractice and leaves you consumed with grief and grieving, your recovery and healing must be your paramount concern. The personal injury lawyers and wrongful death attorneys at Sieben Edmunds Miller in St. Paul bring their deep experience working with victims of different injury or death-causing incidents:

  • A Summit Avenue father is killed in a motor vehicle accident on a St. Paul freeway
  • A man gets hurt while walking through the Midway district or while in a Wabasha St. office building
  • Medical malpractice kills a family member or makes them sicker than when they first asked for care
  • The sidewalk ice or uneven pavement in Highland Park causes you to slip and fall
  • A faulty or defective product bought at a big box discount retailer causes you harm or kills someone close to you
  • You suffer injuries from a car or truck accident along University Avenue
  • You are injured in an accident with a motorcycle, ATV or snowmobile in a rural area near St. Paul

You do not need to carry the burden of a physical, emotional or financial loss from an injury or death by yourself. Here at St. Paul’s Sieben Edmunds Miller, we fight for you with an insurance company to get the money you deserve to compensate you for all of your losses, whether physical or emotional. This includes out of pocket expenses as well as the pain and suffering that was inflicted upon you. Common PI cases we represent:


The insurer’s main interest is settling your claim as inexpensively as possible. We won’t let them.

Any St. Paul Wrongful Death Ruins the Life of More Than Just the Victim

When the death of a loved one was the result of the actions of business, a manufacturer, another person, or an institution, in St. Paul the Sieben Edmunds Miller wrongful death lawyers are your aggressive and experiences advocates fighting for you. We are at your side throughout the process, enabling you to devote your time, effort and energy to recovering and resuming your life before you were injured.

Sieben Edmunds Miller’s wrongful death and personal injury and wrongful death lawyers in St. Paul will deal with you with care yet we will be very tough with the insurance companies.

Different Types of Incidents That Cause Personal Injuries in St. Paul

Without any warning, a variety of situations in St. Paul can cause a personal injury because of somebody else’s carelessness, negligence and fault:

The mistakes, carelessness or negligence of healthcare providers and hospitals creating aa medical malpractice injury It doesn’t matter how you suffered a personal injury in St. Paul, call the personal injury and wrongful death lawyers at Sieben Edmunds Miller. We are experienced and know how to fight to get you the compensation you need and deserve to make you whole again.

And, when close loved one dies in an incident caused by somebody else, whether it’s your spouse, child, parent or grandparent, it’s called wrongful death. As a member of their immediate family, you are entitled to be compensated for this painful, tragic and heart-breaking loss. Minnesota law is very specific about this: If somebody gets hurt or dies because of the carelessness or negligence of another institution, person, business or organization, they are liable for whatever damages they inflicted and that the you as the injured party suffered.

In St. Paul, when someone is badly hurt or dies from a personal injury accident, their family also suffers. We help suffering individuals and families. Call us with any of your your questions and to receive a free, no-obligation assessment of your specific case. Our number is (651) 994-6744.


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