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About Us

Kevin Sieben is a third generation lawyer in the Sieben family from Hastings, Minnesota. From a family steeped in law and politics for over 100 years, Kevin Sieben dedicates his practice to defending those accused.

“Nothing is more important than protecting our liberties and I have dedicated my life to doing that.”

A graduate of St. John’s University and William Mitchell College of Law, Sieben has worked in Washington, D.C. for Congressman Bill Luther and he has managed legislative campaigns.

“Law and politics really go hand in hand. I think it is important for a lawyer to be active in state and community affairs.”

Kevin Sieben’s practice has taken him to the four corners of the state representing the accused. In just his first six months in practice he defended an accused in a jury trial that resulted in a not guilty verdict. The jury trials and court appearances have continued and Sieben now has his own growing law practice. Kevin is an experienced Minnesota Criminal Attorney.

Kevin Sieben comes from a family of twelve lawyers, numerous legislators, decorated soldiers, mayors, and community activists. His father, Bill Sieben, is a prominent personal injury attorney (Schwebel, Goetz & Sieben). His mother, Joyce, a former educator, is active on the Hastings Public Schools Foundation. His uncle, Harry Sieben, served as Speaker of the Minnesota House of Representatives and as Major General in the Minnesota National Guard. His uncle, Mike Sieben, served in the state legislature for ten years, as does his cousin, Senator Katie Sieben. His grandfather, Harry Sieben, was appointed U.S. Marshall by President John F. Kennedy and served in the cabinet of Governor Orville Freeman. Kevin’s great-grandfather served as mayor of Hastings, as did his great-great-grandfather, J. George Sieben. Kevin’s great-uncle, James Sieben, was a highly decorated World War II hero (2 silver stars, 2 purple hearts) and served as Adjutant General of the Minnesota National Guard, retiring as a Lieutenant General.

“Being accused of a crime creates great hardship, not only for a defendant, but for the family as well. I not only try to solve problems for those accused, but assist in helping each family cope with the collateral problems associated with accusations.”

Kevin Sieben is available throughout Minnesota to assist with criminal law matters. Kevin is experienced in Minnesota Criminal Defense.

Kevin Sieben is a member of the Minnesota State Bar Association, the Hennepin County Bar Association, the Dakota County Bar Association and the Minnesota Association for Justice. He is also a member of the Douglas Amdahl Inns of Court.