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Bail Amounts and Bail Modification in Minnesota

An individual’s bail should be set at a reasonable level and cannot be excessive. It is meant to ensure the defendant sticks around and shows up to court dates until their case is resolved. The bail amount is not meant to be punishment for an alleged crime, but some judges will still impose unnecessarily large bails. If you have been arrested for a crime and cannot afford to pay bail, contact an attorney right away. He or she can help you determine whether your bail has been set at a reasonable amount and/or if you can seek a lower bail amount.

Bail Hearing and Bail Modification Attorneys in MN

If you or a family member has just been arrested and can’t pay bail or is being held without bail, our Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorneys and St.Paul Criminal Defense Attorneys at Sieben Edmunds Miller can help. We have worked with clients who have been charged with a wide variety of crimes. We will ensure your rights are protected and you have a fair shot at bonding out of jail until your trial. We know what local Minnesota judges consider at bail hearings, so we will use our legal acumen to request a fair bail amount for your case. Call us to get started at (651) 994-6744.

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