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Minneapolis Criminal Defense Lawyers

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Serious, Aggressive Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorneys

Our first word of advice if you are under suspicion by the police or have been charged with committing a criminal offense in Minneapolis is very simple: Be quiet!

Anyone who is arrested has an absolute Constitutional right to have a lawyer with them when being questioned by police. Do not say anything to any officer or detective before you call a criminal defense lawyer at Sieben Edmunds Miller to represent you. It’s very likely that an investigator or police officer will come across as relaxed or casual. It is an act and they are not your friends. Police receive intensive trained in ways of tricking suspects into saying things that will be used against you when your lawyer deals with prosecutors or at trial.

Along with being present during questioning, Sieben Edmunds Miller criminal defense lawyers in Minneapolis will review each piece of evidence to see whether if it was collected legally and according to established procedures. Too often it isn’t and police think they can get away with it. If this happens, we can negotiate with the district attorney’s office to either have the charges dropped or their severity reduced.

There is no such thing as a minor charge.

Even if it seems minor to you, Minnesota and the federal government takes the charges very seriously. We know how to deal with investigating officers and prosecutors to protect your rights and make sure they follow the law. Whatever criminal charge you may be confronting you in Burnsville, you need to work with criminal defense attorneys who will patiently explain all of the options available to you. We will review the possible outcome of your case along with the short- and long-term repercussions to you. and then mount a strong defense on your behalf. Your entire future may be at stake.

Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorneys

Being charged with any criminal offense in Minneapolis is not just serious but can be frightening and particularly so if you did not do the crime the police alleged.

Sieben Edmunds Miller is deeply experience in working with people who have been charged. But because we also know how the police and prosecutors operate, we can develop a defense strategy that enables us to to mount an aggressive criminal defense for you whether the charges are state or federal. We represent clients who have been charged with many different types of crimes. Some might seem relatively minor yet a conviction carries fines that can be stiff to crimes where a conviction can result in life behind bars:

Because we work exclusively with defendants in Minneapolis and throughout Minnesota and Western Wisconsin, we have an advantage in our ability to help you obtain the best possible outcome for your case.

Our clients ask for help when they have been arrested and charged with a range of offenses:

  • A South Minneapolis driver was pulled over for speeding and also charged with possessing marijuana while operating a motor vehicle
  • A man in downtown Minneapolis found himself charged with credit card fraud
  • An outstate University of Minnesota student living in Minneapolis was charged with disorderly conduct
  • A sophomore at a Minneapolis high school was arrested for DUI
  • A Minneapolis business person was arrested for committing a major felony

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When you are charged with a criminal offense in Minneapolis, call a lawyer who is dedicated to representing your interests. If you have been arrested or believe you are under suspicion for committing a crime, reach Sieben Edmunds Miller at (651) 994-6744.

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