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Eagan Criminal Defense Lawyers

Charged with a crime in Eagan, MN?
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Eagan Criminal Defense Lawyers

Experienced and Tough Eagan Criminal Defense Lawyers

At Sieben Edmunds Miller, we know more than just the ins and outs of state and national laws. We have also learned the differences between jurisdictions, all the way down to the decisions police departments and courts make in each city. We focus on Eagan criminal defense law so we can help those who are going through a difficult time learn to navigate the process more efficiently.

We’ve gained our knowledge of criminal defense law in Eagan through extensive experience working with criminal defense clients throughout the Twin Cities and western Wisconsin. This gives us an edge to help you win your case more quickly and with less expense than if you worked with attorney who has less knowledge of the area.

We’ve handled cases like yours, and we know how to advocate for our client’s rights! Contact us today to see firsthand the tenacity and determination our team can bring to your case!

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Eagan, Minnesota

The Eagan criminal defense law firm of Sieben Edmunds Miller has represented countless defendants in criminal defense cases. Clients facing charges for DUI/DWI, drug charges, and other misdemeanors and felonies have received favorable rulings due to the tenacity of our attorneys. We focus our practice on a few key areas of law, so our attorneys have accumulated years of targeted experience which we use to obtain a good outcome to your case.

Criminal Defense Law Firm in Eagan

Our criminal defense attorneys in Eagan have represented clients in many types of criminal defense cases. Our clients have sought us out after discovering they needed:

Whatever criminal charges you may be facing in Eagan, Minnesota, you need to work with a criminal defense lawyer who can explain all your options. It’s in your best interest to understand which path you decide to take, including the possible outcomes and repercussions.

Eagan DUI/DWI Attorneys

Our Eagan DWI lawyers know what goes into winning your DWI or DUI case. From the start, many drinking and driving cases are less straightforward than they initially appear to the police officer who performs the arrest. For example, there are many reasons why a blood alcohol concentration test could have flawed results. If the officers did not follow protocol when collecting the sample, it may not be considered accurate evidence. Our Eagan DUI lawyers know the differences between types of blood alcohol concentration tests, and we will study the test results thoroughly to determine whether they are valid.

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