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Petty Misdemeanor Attorneys in Minnesota

Facing Petty Misdemeanor Charges?
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Experienced Petty Misdemeanor Defense Lawyers in Minnesota

Although technically not a crime, a petty misdemeanor charge can have a lasting impact on your life. Petty misdemeanors can include things like speeding tickets or certain types of trespassing. Even though the law does not consider them to be a crime, petty misdemeanors in Minnesota may show up if a potential employer does a background check on you. A retail store may be very leery of hiring somebody with even a petty misdemeanor theft conviction. Many companies will not offer a position to someone who has been convicted of even a minor drug charge or has a history of receiving speeding or other traffic tickets such as illegal turns or running a red light.

The fine may seem small – the maximum allowed is $300 and there is no risk of a jail sentence – and going to court a nuisance. But the aftereffects can be huge. This is why you need an experienced petty misdemeanor lawyer from Sieben Edmunds Miller defending you against the charge in court.

Your Rights If Charged with a Petty Misdemeanor

Like every defendant in any case, if you are charged with a petty misdemeanor you have a right to state your case before a judge and to be represented by an attorney. In fact, in Minnesota petty misdemeanor defendants have seven specific rights:

  • The right to have your case continued so you can speak with a lawyer
  • The right to have a lawyer represent you in court
  • The right to be presumed innocent
  • The right to be tried by a judge
  • The right to remain silent, including making no statement to the police or at a trial
  • The right to cross-examine witnesses such as the police officer who issued the citation
  • The right to subpoena witnesses who will testify on your behalf

Experienced Petty Misdemeanor Defense Lawyers Can Help

Here’s how knowledgeable, skilled and experienced petty misdemeanor defense lawyers can help you in court. We may be able to reduce the penalty or the severity of the charges against you. It is often possible for us to help you keep the petty misdemeanor offense off of your record. At Sieben Edmunds Miller, our authoritative Minneapolis criminal defense attorneys and St.Paul criminal defense attorneys will protect you.

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