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Mandatory Minimum DWI Sentences in Minnesota

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Avoid a Mandatory Minimum Sentence By Working With a Skilled DWI Attorney

Mandatory minimums are an unfortunate fact of life for anyone facing a repeat DWI, but there are certain routes you can take if you hope to serve part of your sentence doing community service or in-home detention (house arrest). The first thing to do if you’re facing a mandatory minimum sentence is to consult an attorney who has knowledge of the mandatory minimum sentencing laws in Minnesota. Ideally, your attorney will be able to offer you options that may prevent you from being convicted of the crime in the first place, in which case you won’t need to worry about sentencing. If that’s not your situation, your attorney can look over your case details and see if there are any factors that may make your case a good candidate for an alternative punishment such as community service or house arrest.

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