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Plate Impoundment / Whiskey Plates in Minnesota

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Whiskey Plates in Minnesota

In addition to criminal consequences for a DWI/DUI arrest, police often seize the license plates of the vehicle driven during a DWI/DUI. When the police seize the plates, they give the driver a notice of plate impoundment. This notice informs the driver that they are not allowed to drive with the “normal” plates, instead, they will be issued a temporary license plate. These temporary plates are often known as “whiskey plates” because the series of letters on the plates typically start with the letter “W.”

Avoiding an Inconvenient License Plate Impoundment

These license plate impoundments last a minimum of one year in Minnesota. Which is a very long time to publicly display your mistakes. Unfortunately, it can also mean a public display for your entire family. When an individual receives a license plate impoundment, it is not only valid for the vehicle they were driving at the time of the arrest, it actually applies to any vehicles owned or leased by the individual, even if they are jointly owned with another person. So, for a couple with children, that likely means the entire family will have to get whiskey plates on all vehicles.

Can you imagine having to deal with such an inconvenience for a year or longer? Luckily, our attorneys want to help you avoid this fate. You have a limited window of time after your license plate impoundment to fight. We will help you file all the necessary paperwork and gather the information you’ll need to use to fight your plate impoundment.

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