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Damage to Property in Minnesota

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Property Damage Crimes in Minnesota

State law provides for varying levels of seriousness in charging someone with a damage to property offense. What the police charge you with depends on the value of the property and the specific circumstances that led to its damage. In fact, if the damage resulted from discrimination such as race, religion, sex or sexual orientation, gender, age or disability, the charges may be much more serious.

Under some circumstances, you may even face federal charges. A June, 2019. U.S. Supreme Court decision upheld the concept that an individual may be charged and convicted in both court systems without the Double Jeopardy protection of the Constitution.


  • First Degree Property Damage – This level is used when the property that was damaged belongs to a common carrier such as a transport company, the value was reduced by more than $1,000 or, if not a first offense, it was reduced by more than $500, and if the damages may result in another person being hurt in some way.
  • Second Degree Property Damage – This charge is levied when the damaged property was reduced by more than %500 but less than $1,000 in value. There are some other narrow reasons why a second degree charge might be made.
  • Third Degree Property Damage – It is primarily charged when the property was damaged by less than $500.

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