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Woodbury Criminal Defense Lawyers

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Knowledgeable Criminal Defense Lawyers in Woodbury

The clients of Sieben Edmunds Miller ask us to help them when they are under suspicion or have been arrested and charged with many different types of criminal offenses:

  • A Woodbury woman was arrested on a major felony charge of manslaughter after killing her abusive spouse
  • Several Woodbury drivers were charged with possessing marijuana while operating a car or truck
  • Charges of credit card fraud were levied against a Woodbury man
  • Student in Woodbury were in a fight and charged with disorderly conduct
  • A Woodbury truck driver was arrested for DUI

Being charged with any criminal offense in Woodbury is nothing to fool around with. You are facing a serious and frightening future, even if you did not do what the police suspect or allege you did.

Here at Sieben Edmunds Miller in Woodbury, we have considerable experience working with defendants charged with a crime. We also know how to work with the police and prosecutors as part of mounting an aggressive criminal defense for you on state or federal charges. Our clients have been charged with one of many different types of crimes from relatively minor offenses but which carry hefty fines to crimes where a conviction can result in life in prison:

We work with criminal defendants in Woodbury, throughout the Twin Cities and as well as across Minnesota and in Western Wisconsin. This gives us a unique advantage in helping you achieve the best outcome for your case in less time and with spending less money than if you work with other, less experienced lawyers or law firms.

Talk with Experienced Woodbury Defense Lawyers Before Speaking with Police

Anyone who is under suspicion for a crime or has been arrested and charged has a Constitutional right to have their lawyer present during any police questioning. Do not say anything to any officer before you call a criminal defense lawyer at Sieben Edmunds Miller to represent you.

The police may seem relaxed and casual during questioning. It’s a trick they are taught. Remember that they are not your friends. Do not let them trick you into making a statement that will be used against you when your lawyer deals with prosecutors or at trial. Besides being present during questioning or interviews, we thoroughly examine any evidence against you to determine whether it was collected legally and according to established procedures. Often, it isn’t. This means we can negotiate with the district attorney’s office to either have the charges dropped or reduced.

There is no such thing as a “minor charge.” State and federal prosecutors take them extremely seriously. We know how to deal with investigating officers and prosecutors to protect your rights and make sure they follow the law. Regardless of the type of criminal charges that you may be facing in Woodbury, you need to work with criminal defense attorneys who will clearly explain options available to you. We will review the possible outcome of your case along with the repercussions to you. and then create a strategy that lets us mount a strong defense on your behalf.

Your Entire Future is at Stake

If you have been charged with any sort of criminal offense in Woodbury, call a lawyer who is dedicated to representing your interests. If you have been arrested or believe you are under suspicion for committing a crime, call Sieben Edmunds Miller quickly at (651) 994-6744.

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