How Minnesota’s Pedestrian Roadway Laws Affect Your Personal Injury Case

If you’ve been injured by a driver while on the sidewalk, in a crosswalk, or in a parking lot, you know how unfair the situation can seem. Because you were on foot, your injuries were likely more severe than any injuries or damage sustained by the driver of the vehicle. This may cause you to feel angry that the driver was so careless while behind the wheel, and you probably feel they should be held accountable for not being a responsible driver and subsequently causing your injuries.

Our Newest Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Attorney

Sieben Edmunds Miller’s newest attorney may be a familiar face – after all, she’s been with the firm for several years. If you’ve worked with us before, she likely helped your attorney conduct legal research, review discovery, and prepare your trial materials. Now, Dea Cortney is taking the next step in her career by becoming a full blown attorney at Sieben Edmunds Miller.