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Where Should I Receive Medical Attention After an Accident?

by Nov 22, 2022Car Accidents, Construction Accidents, Dea Cortney, Personal Injury

Often times the primary purpose of a personal injury case is to address the cost of treating your injuries, as well as addressing lost wages and the other consequences of your injury, such as pain and suffering. One of the ways to prove your case is through your medical treatment.  It is therefore important to seek all the medical attention you need after an accident. But some clients are hesitant to seek help because they wonder whether they could be hurting their personal injury case by seeking medical attention at the “wrong” medical facility or doctor. Here’s what you need to know if you would like to pursue compensation for your injury.

Treatment For Car Accident Injuries

The first thing that must be addressed when discussing car-accident related injuries is how important it is to seek treatment. Don’t ever decline medical attention because you’re worried you won’t be able to pay the medical bills. That’s exactly what a personal injury case is for! Take care of yourself first, and worry about the expense later. In Minnesota, we have what’s called “no-fault” medical benefits.  This means that if you have auto insurance, you will be able to seek treatment for your injuries.   

You should always go to the hospital directly from the scene of your accident if that’s what EMS recommends. However, even accident victims who don’t require emergency medical care should see a medical professional after their accident so they can be assessed for injuries. Always make an appointment to see your primary care physician for a full physical after a car accident. Even if you feel that your injuries are minor, there may be more significant effects that only a doctor can identify and documenting the presence of your injuries can be important. 

Which Doctor Should I See?

Doctors can have a huge impact on their patients’ personal injury cases, for several reasons. First, the treatment your doctor recommends must be justifiable, and you should follow their treatment plan without stopping treatment early. This means your doctor should be invested in your comfort and well-being, taking the time to learn about your medical history and believing you when you say you’re in pain.

It’s also important for a doctor to be agreeable and cooperative – but you should try to get along even if your doctor is unpleasant. This is because a scorned doctor may behave unprofessionally and add inappropriate notes to your file. You don’t want to be labeled by your doctor as “argumentative” or a problem patient because this can impact the insurance company’s impression of you. If you need to switch doctors before your treatment is complete for any reason, speak to your personal injury attorney to ensure it won’t impact your case.

Tips for A Successful Case 

So, you’ve found a great doctor to help you with your injuries. What else can you do to help your personal injury case? Well, not showing up to your medical appointments is one of the biggest mistakes a personal injury client can make. When you don’t show up, that information will be recorded in your records. By not being consistent with your treatment, you’re giving the insurance company a great excuse not to pay your medical expenses – even if you did rack up a bill because of the appointments you did attend. It may call your credibility into question, and insurance companies can claim your injury lasted longer because you didn’t take your treatment seriously.  

While we try to refrain from telling clients specifically where they should seek treatment, that is really a question for you and your medical professionals, we do want to make sure that you are receiving the best possible care and are happy to answer all questions in this regard.  Whether you are being seen by a board certified surgeon, or are being seen by a physical therapist or chiropractor, we want to make sure that your care is appropriate and will help an insurance company understand the severity of your injuries.   

Minnesota Car Accident Lawyers

Don’t ever let questions about a personal injury case prevent you from seeking medical attention after a car accident. Once your condition is stable, our Minnesota personal injury attorneys can help you determine your next steps. Contact Sieben Edmunds Miller to learn how we can help.

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