What happens when I am charged with a crime?

Posted: November 5, 2015 Welcome to the first installment of the Sieben Edmunds PLLC Criminal Defense Blog Series! This blog post will focus on what happens in a typical criminal case. Types of Offenses The process that occurs after being charged with a crime can vary depending on the nature and severity of the offense. […]

Domestic Violence – Are We Asking the Right Question?

After the recent release of a video showing former NFL running back Ray Rice hitting Janay Palmer, his then fiancé, I feel it is an important time to have some real dialogue about domestic violence.  The Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women reports that at least 38 people were killed from domestic violence in 2013.  Of […]

Local Police Chief – DWI Charge

Even those we would least expect can pick up a DWI charge. Here, a local police chief faces DWI charges after recently undergoing a domestic violence prosecution. Apparently he planned to stay on the job after being convicted of a disorderly conduct, but now the DWI has swayed him into retirement. Check out coverage at […]

Lindsay Lohan Arrested, Again!

After a night out on the town, Lindsay Lohan is once again in trouble with the law. Early this morning in New York City, Ms. Lohan was arrested on third degree assault charges after allegedly hitting a woman in a nightclub. The alleged victim did not appear to have sustained any injuries, but an accusation […]

Hunting, Drinking and Criminal Convictions.

Hunting is a favorite past-time for many Minnesotans and as with many favorite past times, some hunters like to enjoy an alcoholic beverage or two.  This raises the question, “is it ok to drink and hunt?” Under Minnesota Statute, a person may not take wild animals with a firearm or by archery if the individual […]

Probation and the Minnesota Court System

Whether you were convicted of DWI, careless driving, assault, drug possession, or any other offense, probation was likely a part of your sentence.  In Minnesota, there are typically two types of probation, to the court and to community corrections.  Generally, if the only condition of your sentence is to remain law abiding, you will be […]