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Minnesota Ice-Related Car Accident Fatalities

by Feb 9, 2023Car Accidents, Dea Cortney, Personal Injury

Often when we hear of a fatal car crash due to icy roads, it is considered a tragic accident with nobody to blame but mother nature. While this may be the case for many car accidents, it does not apply to cases where the surviving driver was acting recklessly or with disregard for the safety of others at the time of the accident. Just because a driver or passenger was injured or killed while driving in icy conditions, it does not prevent the surviving family members from pursuing a personal injury case to cover their expenses. We all know that we must drive differently when confronting ice or snow. When a driver is not driving safely for the conditions and causes a collision, you may be entitled to pursue a claim. 

How Icy Conditions Affect Safety

Winter car accidents in Minnesota are common. During the winter in Minnesota, drivers face several obstacles – from snow to high winds to ice. However, the latter is one of the most dangerous and unpredictable hazards. Ice can be difficult to see, and we often don’t know how our vehicle will react when it hits a patch of ice. The ice commonly causes vehicles to slide into other cars, guard, rails, ditches, and sign posts. Ice on the highway is potentially deadly, but even ice on a city street can cause injuries and property damage.

When Poor Driving Causes An Ice-Related Tragedy

Knowing how dangerous ice on the road can be, most Minnesota drivers practice their due diligence and drive defensively to ensure everyone stays safe. Of course, these drivers may still be involved in an accident that couldn’t have been prevented; this generally occurs when the roads haven’t been salted or ice is hiding under fresh snow. 

Sadly, some drivers have a general disregard for the safety of others on the road and are only concerned about how the ice and other cars will affect their drive time. Others are distracted by their phones, passengers, or the radio and don’t keep an eye out for dangerous conditions. When a negligent driver hits a patch of ice and spins out of control, the damage they caused to other cars and people may very well be a result of their reckless driving. This damage may be fatal. If a family member has been killed in an accident like this, an icy road car accident lawyer can help you pursue a case against the other driver and their insurance.

Fatal Car Accident Personal Injury Case

If your loved one was killed in an ice-related crash, you should speak with a Minnesota car accident attorney as soon as possible. You’re undoubtedly mourning the loss of your family member, but insurance companies don’t care about what you’re going through and will try to contact you as soon as possible. They may offer a settlement to prevent you from proceeding with legal action. These settlement amounts are often not realistic as they won’t fully cover medical expenses, funeral expenses, and other financial burdens. 

Sieben Edmunds Miller’s Minnesota personal injury lawyers know how to handle the insurance companies. Our icy road car accident lawyers MN will help you fight for fair compensation for the expenses incurred after your loved one’s accident and death. Nothing will bring your family member back, but we’ll do everything we can to provide you financial peace of mind while you grieve. Contact our firm by calling (651) 994-6744 or submitting your information.

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