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Let’s Play Ball! The Link Between Sporting Events and Alcohol

by Apr 19, 2011Education, Sam Edmunds, Uncategorized

Whether it is a baseball, football or hockey game, alcohol seems to be the beverage of choice for many attendees.  Even before the game, many people tailgate around their parked vehicles with hamburgers, hot dogs and a beer in anticipation of the big game to come.

In a recent study conducted by the University of Minnesota, 1 in every 12 individual leaving a major sporting event was legally intoxicated.  Information was gathered from 382 adults who had attended baseball and football games.  Among those researched, 8% had a blood alcohol level of 0.08% or higher when leaving the games.  Those who had participated in tailgating festivities before the games were 14 times more likely to be intoxicated while leaving.

With increased DWI enforcement, the police are paying close attention to these studies.  If you leave a sporting event while over the limit be prepared for the consequences.

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