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Whiskey Plates; Another Embarrassing Consequence of a Minnesota DWI

by Jan 20, 2011Education, Uncategorized

If you or a loved one has been arrested for a DWI, “whisky plates” may be your next purchase.  Whiskey Plates are specialty license plates that are issued by the State to help local law enforcement officers keep an eye out for those who present a high risk to reoffend.  Additionally, a police officer is allowed to stop a vehicle bearing “whiskey plates” without any legal reason.

Whiskey plates are issued, and the previous plates impounded, in any of the following situations:

• A prior DUI (driving under the influence) within the past 10 years

• Driving with a blood alcohol level greater than 0.20 percent.

• DUI with a child in the vehicle

Aside from embarrassment and the hassle of being stopped more frequently by police, your family members may also have to drive with these plates.  All of the cars owned by the offender are subject to the whiskey plate laws.  If your vehicle is jointly owned, but driven only by your spouse, that vehicle must display “whiskey plates”.   Any vehicles that are solely or jointly titled in the offender’s name, regardless of who actually drives that vehicle must have these “WX” or “WY” plates.

With the help of an experienced, DWI lawyer, you may be able to avoid driving with whiskey plates.  Call Kevin Sieben today to discuss your options.  Kevin will diligently work with you to fight your DWI or DUI arrest.  Kevin can help you in your fight to prevent your plate impoundment.

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