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Samuel Edmunds Named Attorney of the Year

by Nov 29, 2018Attorney of the Year, Minnesota Criminal Expungement, Sam Edmunds

We are excited to announce that Samuel Edmunds has been selected by Minnesota Lawyer as an Attorney of the Year! Only a handful of candidates are selected for this honor each year. Sam was nominated for his significant service to the profession as a leader of the Minnesota State Bar Association and American Bar Association, and as a member of the Academy of Certified Trial Lawyers of Minnesota and the Minnesota Society for Criminal Justice.

Specifically, Sam’s work on a pro bono case was highlighted. Sam was chosen by the Volunteer Lawyers Network to represent a highly deserving client in an effort to obtain a criminal expungement. Sam took the case in 2016 and represented his client through the district court, up to the Court of Appeals of Minnesota, and back to the district court over a period of more than two years. In the end, Sam obtained a life-changing result for his client. We at Sieben Edmunds Miller PLLC are extremely proud of Sam’s achievement. His hard work and dedication on this specific case highlights the caliber of service each and everyone of our clients receives.

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