According to Minnesota Statute § 169A.63, vehicle forfeiture can occur when a car is used to commit a criminal act. This means that having your vehicle seized is a potential consequence of a second-degree or felony-level DWI. A vehicle forfeiture can be a costly and extremely inconvenient consequence that prevents you from getting to your job and living your day-to-day life.

Luckily, your vehicle can only be kept and sold if you are convicted of the DWI offense for which you have been arrested, or if your driver’s license is revoked. This means that once you and your attorney successfully defend against your DWI charges in Minnesota your property will be returned to you. Clearly, it’s very important to hire a competent attorney if you do not want your vehicle to be forfeited and sold as a result of a DWI conviction. Know your rights and work with a Minnesota Vehicle Forfeiture Lawyer who knows the intricacies of the law.

Being convicted of a DWI or DUI can often include long-term monitoring, especially for repeat offenders. This generally means you will be forced to submit to remote electronic alcohol monitoring at regular intervals while you are on probation for the alcohol-related offense. You may be required to blow into a breath test machine daily, or you may be fitted with a bracelet or ankle device that can monitor your alcohol consumption. Long-term monitoring can also consist of meetings with your probation officer where you may be required to take a urine test.

Long-term alcohol monitoring will be required independent of all other consequences of your DWI conviction, so it’s another time-consuming aspect of a conviction you should try to avoid. The attorneys of Sieben Edmunds Miller can help you learn more about long-term DWI monitoring in Minnesota and what your rights are.

In addition to jail time, a penalty assessment may also be included in a DWI conviction. A penalty assessment is an amount of money the court orders the convicted individual to pay. It is above and beyond the normal fees associated with a DUI/DWI, and it’s often a substantial amount of money. You may be able to avoid a penalty assessment by working with a reputable Minnesota Drunk Driving Attorney who can defend your rights and protect you against this huge financial burden.

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