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S|E DWI Blog #10 – Remote Electronic Alcohol Monitoring

by Oct 11, 2015Criminal Defense Attorney, DWI / DUI

Posted: October 11, 2015

Technological advances have made the imposition of conditions of release and sentencing more flexible. In a DWI case, a judge may order a defendant to comply with certain conditions during pretrial release or as part of sentencing. A common condition in a DWI is to abstain from use of alcohol. This promotes sobriety to ensure public safety, but also allows the individual to focus on getting help with their alcohol use. Ensuring compliance with abstaining from alcohol is difficult to do when an individual is not incarcerated. Maintaining your freedom to be at home, work, or in the community while complying with a no-alcohol condition is a huge benefit for people who participate in an alcohol-monitoring program. Fortunately, technology has given judges and defendants an option to ensure and monitor compliance while released from custody.

Very high costs are associated with incarceration. In lieu of incarceration and high costs, the Minnesota legislature has authorized the Remote Electronic Alcohol-Monitoring Program. Compliance with a no-alcohol-consumption condition can be accomplished through this monitoring program. Details about it are located in Minnesota Statute 169A.73.

How does the program work?

People who are ordered to abstain from alcohol may be required to enroll in a program that requires them to wear a bracelet on their ankle or wrist. This bracelet continuously monitors alcohol consumption through the skin by way of perspiration. Use of this program also requires internet access or landline telephone service to transmit results to the appropriate agency. There are costs are associated with the program that must be paid for by the defendant.

What happens if I drink alcohol while on the program?

If alcohol is detected, then the appropriate agency would be notified of the violation your pretrial or probation condition. You could potentially face more onerous pretrial release conditions or more serious consequences such as execution of your full sentence.

Let us help you determine whether the electronic home alcohol-monitoring program is an option for you. The experienced DWI attorney Mendota Heights, Minnesota – Sieben Edmunds PLLC can help you every step of the way. You can reach us by phone at 651-994-6744 or visit our contact page to find out how we can help you.

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