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S|E DWI Blog #5 – Minnesota Ignition Interlock Program

by Sep 10, 2015Criminal Defense Attorney, DWI / DUI

Sieben Edmunds Miller - Minnesota Ignition Interlock Program

Posted: September 10, 2015

One of the consequences of getting a DWI is losing your driving privileges. Most people are drastically unprepared to lose their license. Daily obligations continue after a DWI; people still need to commute to work or drop children off at school. Without a license, these daily tasks can become difficult, if not impossible to accomplish. Until recently, the State of Minnesota gave drivers accused of DWI very few options to remedy these problems. However, now Minnesota does offer drivers an option to stay on the road.

The Minnesota Ignition Interlock Device Program began on July 1, 2011, and gives DWI offenders who qualify the option of using a device to regain driving privileges.

What is an ignition interlock device?

It’s a small device that is connected to a vehicle that measures the amount of alcohol on a driver’s breath. If no alcohol is found on the driver’s breath, then the vehicle will start. The device also takes a picture of the person who provides a breath sample. Random alcohol checks are requested while the vehicle is in operation. If alcohol is detected during a random check, then the device reports a violation to the Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) division of the Department of Public Safety. There are fees for license reinstatement and participating in the program.

What are my options for getting my license reinstated?

  • First time DWI
    • Test refusal or less than .16 alcohol concentration
      • Ignition interlock, or
      • 15 days of no driving, then limited license (also known as a work permit), or
      • No driving for a period between 90 days and 1 year (refusal)
    • .16 or more
      • Ignition interlock, or
      • No driving for 1 year
  • 2nd offense in 10 years or third on record
    • Less than .16 alcohol concentration
      • Ignition interlock, or
      • No driving for 1 year
    • Test refusal or .16 or more
      • Ignition interlock, or
      • No driving for 2 years
  • Canceled and Denied as “Inimical to Public Safety”
    • 3rd offense in 10 years – mandatory ignition interlock for 3 years
    • 4th offense in 10 years – mandatory ignition interlock for 4 years
    • 5th or subsequent offense- mandatory ignition interlock for 6 years

Some of the above information is from the Minnesota Ignition Interlock Program Guidelines.

Losing your license after a DWI can be an incredibly stressful. Let us help you get back on the road. The attorneys at Sieben Edmunds PLLC can assist you with the process of applying for the ignition interlock program. Give us a call at 651-994-6744 or visit our contact page for more information.

Stay tuned for the next installment in this DWI blog series!

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