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Underage Drinking + Driving in MN

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Zero Tolerance for Underage DWI

It is a misdemeanor for anyone under age 21 to be driving after drinking any alcohol: beer, spirits, wine, anything with alcohol. As a misdemeanor, upon conviction the person can be facing up to 90 days in a county jail along with a possible fine of as much as $1,000. The sentence may also include probation along with being required to attend an alcohol education program or treatment, not to mention a lengthy loss of driving privileges.

Because of this, anyone who has been ticketed needs to have an experienced underage DUI attorney from Sieben Edmunds Miller working on their behalf.

Additional Consequences for Underage DWI in Minnesota

Even if a person escapes with just a stiff fine, there may well be longer-term damage to a young person. The most-serious impact on a young person is that a conviction record could well have a negative affect on their ability to attend the college of their choice, obtain employment especially if the job requires driving, and can raise red flags for employers, admission officials, and even rental agents when it is time to get an apartment. Beyond this, the young person’s license to drive will be revoked for at least 30 days, and often much longer. Also, it could prevent someone from obtaining a learner’s permit or a new license until the individual is 18.

Why You Need a Minnesota Underage Drinking and Driving-DUI Lawyer

Clearly, there is a lot riding on the disposition of the case. This is why you or your parents need to retain an underage drinking and driving attorney to fight for you, your rights, and your future. Sieben Edmunds Miller’s, Minneapolis criminal defense lawyers and St.Paul criminal defense lawyers are experienced at defending young people against a charge of underage drinking and driving. We will ask you about the circumstances surrounding your arrest. Because we understand the law and how prosecutors think, we can help build a defense that could lead to a successful outcome.

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