The effect of a court case often lasts much longer than just sentencing. Probation can carry several stipulations that are strictly enforced. If you’re in breach of any of the stipulations, it’s critical that you’re represented by a Minnesota probation violation attorney.

Assault and battery crimes range in severity from a 5th degree misdemeanor to a 1st degree felony. With the consequences so severe, make sure you are represented by a reputable Minnesota assault and battery attorney.

Burglary, robbery, shoplifting, and theft can all result in serious consequences without a strong Minnesota Theft Lawyer. Due to the often nuisance of property crimes, it is all the more important that you have a credible Minnesota burglary attorney by your side.

Kidnapping results in a felony charge in all cases. Whether or not you’re convicted depends on many things, including the quality of your Minnesota kidnapping lawyer. We know the legal system.

Minnesota has some of the most stern sex offense laws in the country. Being convicted of a sex crime can severely alter and impact your life. The attorneys at Sieben Edmunds Miller are experienced Minnesota criminal sexual conduct lawyers who will fight by your side.

Being charged with murder, no matter the degree, should be taken seriously. In Minnesota, a conviction for murder, manslaughter, and criminal vehicular homicide can include consequences of: life in prison, shorter prison term, registration as a violent criminal, significant fines, and extensive treatment or program participation. Learn how our Minnesota murder attorneys can help you.

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