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Kidnapping Charges in Minnesota

Facing Kidnapping Charges?
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What is Kidnapping in Minnesota?

The law defines kidnapping as physically taking someone from their home, school, place of work or any other location regardless of their age and held against their will. This also is “involuntary imprisonment” and can lead to an additional charge and will increase the penalty if you are convicted. If somebody is injured or dies during or as a result of being kidnapped, then the penalties escalate even more.

Other than a parent taking their child, there are multiple reasons people state for why the kidnapped somebody. Occasionally, it is done for the ransom money or a reward for the safe return of the victim. Kidnapping laws are very complex, which is why you need to have an Minnesota kidnapping lawyer to help you if you have been accused of the crime. At Sieben Edmunds Miller, we are experienced Minneapolis and Saint Paul kidnapping and child abduction lawyers, and we handle kidnapping matters all across Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Stiff Penalties for Kidnap Charges in Minnesota

If you are charged, your reputation could be ruined. You could lose your job and have trouble landing a new one. It may be impossible to find a decent place to live. If convicted, it only gets worse. Sentences handed down by a judge will be based on the severity of the crime. Besides a possible life sentence, you could face penalties that might include:

  • A lengthy prison sentence with parole possible only years in the future
  • Possible probation for an extended period of time, sometimes decades
  • Being prohibited from seeing your children without court or police supervision
  • Registration as a sex offender
  • Restitution to the person who was kidnapped

This is not something you can handle yourself or trust to a public defender. Too much is at stake: Your freedom and your reputation. You need to call an experienced attorney at Sieben Edmunds Miller to defend you.

Defending Against Kidnapping Charges in Minnesota

Because there are very few instances where there may be mitigating factors that might reduce the charges or have them dropped, you need to have a tough, experienced kidnap charge defense team of lawyers representing you. The law says you are entitled to retain your own lawyer, from the moment of your arrest through trial and any possible appeals. Don’t go through this ordeal without skilled, knowledgeable attorneys by your side.

If you are arrested on a kidnapping charge, do not say anything to the police without having a lawyer representing your interests. No matter how casual or friendly the investigating officers may seem, they are not your friend; their attitude is a trick to get you to say something you might later regret because it is being used against you. Call Minneapolis criminal defense attorneys and St.Paul criminal defense attorneys Sieben Edmunds Miller. The rest of your life is on the line.

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