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Defending You Against Criminal Charges in Dakota County

Criminal charges span a wide range of acts with different levels of severity and punishments. From petty misdemeanors to felonies, criminal charges must all be handled with care to ensure they don’t have lasting consequences. A conviction on your record can close the door on many opportunities, including finding employment and housing. In some cases a conviction comes with prison time or large fines. To make matters worse, defendants are not always treated fairly by the state and may see their rights ignored or completely taken away. As criminal defense attorneys in Dakota County, Sieben Edmunds Miller’s attorneys fight to protect these rights and assist our clients in optimizing their defense.

All criminal charges should be taken seriously, even if the defendant is innocent. Sadly, many defendants are convicted of crimes they did not commit. As a result, they may face serious consequences that can be life-changing. Whether you would like to plead guilty to the charge against you or are confident you did not commit a crime, it’s imperative that you work with a criminal defense attorney to navigate the legal process.

Protecting your rights following an arrest

If you are being questioned about a potential crime or have just been arrested, it is important to understand your rights so you do not miss out on an opportunity to properly defend yourself. When you are arrested in Dakota County, law enforcement may try to talk to you about the alleged crime to gather more information. Many of us are familiar with the Miranda Rights that allow us to remain silent during this questioning. Unfortunately, we frequently see defendants who feel they can convince the police officers of their innocence by offering more details about their whereabouts and the events that took place. This is rarely the case. It is often surprising how much of this information can actually be used against you even if you thought it would prove your innocence. 

Never speak to law enforcement until you have retained a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer in Dakota County who can advise you of whether it is in your best interests. If you have already spoken to law enforcement, don’t lose hope. You should still contact an attorney right away so we can get started on your defense.

DWIs In Minnesota

DWI charges are some of the most common in the state. Prosecutors have a lot of experience with DWI charges, so they are prepared to do everything in their power to obtain a guilty verdict. Many defendants feel hopeless when they get a DWI because they believe there is nothing they can do. This is not the case! Even if you failed a sobriety test during a traffic stop, there are options that may lessen the impact of a DWI conviction. Experienced DWI lawyers in Dakota County are aware of how these things usually pan out in court and can offer case-specific advice that may make things easier for you as you fight back against a DWI charge.

Dakota County Felony Charges

In addition to DWIs, our defense attorneys are also frequently asked about felony charges. Most Minnesotans know that a felony comes with the most serious punishment upon conviction. These crimes often lead to time in prison away from friends and family. They also show up on a background check, and most employers and rental companies consider a felony conviction a red flag. Felony charges span a wide range of crimes, from assaults to sex crimes to manslaughter and homicide. Your defense will be dependent on the type of criminal charge you are facing, but you can be sure that our attorneys are here to help no matter what.

Have you been charged with assault, a drug crime, a DWI, a sex crime, or any other crime in Dakota County, Minnesota? Contact our team for thorough representation. 

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