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Kevin Sieben and Samuel Edmunds Named Minnesota Lawyer Attorneys of the Year

by Apr 5, 2021Attorney of the Year, Firm News, Kevin Sieben, Minnesota Attorney, News Stories, Sam Edmunds

During the pandemic, Sieben Edmunds Miller’s criminal defense attorneys wanted to do their part to give back to the local community.  As experienced criminal defense lawyers, Kevin Sieben and Samuel Edmunds are quite knowledgeable in expungement law. They’ve seen firsthand how a criminal record can become a barrier to employment, housing, and more. Luckily, the expungement of that criminal record can reopen doors for the client and their family. So, when company closures and layoffs first began in March 2020, Kevin and Sam knew exactly what they could do to help Minnesotans who had lost their job due to COVID.

The partners decided to use their experience to help relieve some of the burden of the pandemic by offering free expungement services for laid off employees who were trying to reenter the workforce. With that thought, the “Peacetime Emergency Free Expungement Program” was born.

This program caught the eye of Minnesota Lawyer editors as they pored over 2020 Attorney of the Year nominations. In fact, the expungement program was so notable, it led to Kevin and Samuel receiving Attorney of the Year recognition for their partnership.

Expungement Program Leads to Esteemed Award

Although Kevin and Sam provide laudable legal representation to each of their clients, Minnesota Lawyer highlighted the success of the expungement program in particular when announcing their award. The publication noted that “they have received over 100 applications so far, helping many people to pursue employment without fear of their minor convictions getting in the way.” In fact, the program’s first run was so successful that Sieben Edmunds Miller is once again offering free expungement to qualified applicants. The recent business closures and subsequent unemployment surge made this an easy decision for the firm.

“It’s possible the vaccine will help everyone get back to a normal level of business, and when that happens, we’ll likely pause the program again,” said Kevin Sieben. “Until then, we’ll offer this free service as long as there’s a need.”

Read more about Kevin and Sam’s exciting achievement on Minnesota Lawyer’s website.

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