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Samuel Edmunds Featured in Bench & Bar’s “Colleague Corner”

by Mar 30, 2021Firm News, Sam Edmunds

We’re excited to share that the Minnesota State Bar Association’s publication for members of the legal field, Bench & Bar of Minnesota, interviewed our own Sam Edmunds in its recent “Colleague Corner” feature.

Each month, the publication highlights one local attorney who practices in the Twin Cities metro area or greater Minnesota. Many of the attorneys featured have been closely involved with the Minnesota State Bar Association for years, and Sam is no exception. He is a former chair of the MSBA New Lawyers Section, chair of the MSBA’s Practice Management and Marketing Section, and chair of the Elections and Appointments Committee, and he is a delegate to the American Bar Association House of Delegates.

In his “Colleague Corner,” Sam discusses his lengthy involvement with volunteer work for the bar. He shared what called him to begin volunteering all those years ago: “As lawyers, we should all contribute to making sure that our honorable profession remains honorable. And we can do that through the various bar associations, lawyer organizations, and boards and committees, and through outreach outside the legal community.”

Sam’s article also covers changes caused by the pandemic, what got him into law in the first place, and even what he enjoys doing in his free time. Read the full article in the February issue of Bench & Bar –>

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