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Rosemount Criminal Defense Lawyers

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Rosemount Criminal Defense Attorneys

Located in Dakota County, Rosemount is a southeastern suburb with a healthy population of over 25,000. Rosemount encourages residents and visitors to come together within the community during a number of events, from the USA Broomball National Championships to Leprechaun Days, a festival celebrating the town’s Irish heritage

When residents and visitors in Rosemount are arrested for a DUI, domestic assault, drug crime, or another charge, they turn to Sieben Edmunds Miller’s Rosemount criminal defense law firm to get them out of hot water. Our attorneys maintain a state-wide reputation for achieving positive results for our clients. We are committed to providing each and every client with second-to-none advocacy.


Rosemount DUI Criminal Defense Lawyers

Many of us know someone who has been charged with a DUI, but it can still be a shock when you’re arrested for it yourself. DUI arrests are often made based on law enforcement’s initial observations, a field sobriety test, blood alcohol test results, or a combination. Unfortunately, many Minnesotans are unfairly accused of driving over the legal limit due to inaccurate test results. Without the support of a knowledgeable attorney, you may be unfairly convicted and face life-changing consequences.

Our Rosemount DUI attorneys will leave no stone unturned when preparing your defense. We’ll consider the accuracy of the tests administered to ensure the officer’s results were accurate. Blood, breath, and urine testing all have their flaws and must be critically considered when your freedoms are at stake. We’ll also help you overcome challenges such as plate impoundment and license revocation so your charges don’t prevent you from living your life as you await trial. You can always turn to Sieben Edmunds Miller’s Rosemount attorneys for thorough DUI criminal defense representation.

Property Crimes Defense Attorneys in Rosemount

Property and theft crimes are wide ranging and vary in severity, but all of these charges should be taken seriously. A crime such as First Degree Burglary may carry a punishment as severe as 20 years in prison, even if the accusations don’t include actual violence. To make matters worse, certain theft crimes are federal offenses and require an understanding of federal criminal law.

Don’t do yourself the disservice of not taking your property crime or theft charges seriously. Instead, hire Sieben Edmunds Miller’s Rosemount theft lawyers to defend your rights. We’ll mount an aggressive defense using all available evidence. It’s important to consider all options, including how you plead to the charges and whether you’ll take a deal for lesser punishment. Our team will keep you informed and help you maintain your morale during this challenging time.

Rosemount Domestic Violence and Assault Criminal Defense

An assault or domestic violence accusation can often lead to an arrest, even without law enforcement taking time to review all the available evidence. Worse, you can be charged with assault anywhere, whether out in public or in your own home. Police officers are often expected to listen to both sides of the story and determine which can be trusted, but it’s unrealistic to think these officers never get it wrong.

Domestic violence incidents are particularly emotional and volatile. What started as a normal argument can quickly evolve into a situation where the police are called and end up bringing one or both parties to jail. Unfortunately, there are many times when neither party wants to press charges or have a restraining order issued – especially if alcohol or drugs were involved in the incident. Yet the court does ultimately have control over several of these factors.

If you’ve been arrested for domestic violence or assault, you need to work with a criminal defense team that understands the subtle ways your rights can be eroded and will work to protect you. Our lawyers understand that good people can end up in unpleasant situations, and we don’t believe your life should be ruined as a result. We’ll work to counteract unfair judgement against you by creating a compelling and effective defense.

Criminal Defense

Sieben Edmunds Miller’s Rosemount criminal defense attorneys aim to make life a little easier for our clients by creating a solid defense and obtaining a positive outcome to your case. Our Minnesota criminal defense lawyers have been helping clients just like you for years, and we have gained so much valuable knowledge and experience. We’re happy to share it with you! We’re dedicated to supporting our clients from the moment they first walk through our doors all the way through the conclusion of their case. The first step is calling us at (651) 994-6744 to schedule a consultation.

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