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Our attorneys have extensive experience with criminal defense cases.






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We provide the aggressive defense you need for success.






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We will work closely with you and your unique situation.






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The clients we represent consistently have positive outcomes.

Our Services

We will provide you with many types of legal advice. Here are the areas that we specialize in.

se_dwiDWI Offenses

We have experience handling hundreds of DUI and DWI cases.


se_drugcrimesDrug Crimes

Defense for drug possession, distribution, solicitation, and sale.


se_obstructingjusticeFraud Offenses

Effective representation for those who have been accused of fraud.

se_personalinjuryPersonal Injury

We can help you pursue the highest level of compensation for your injuries.


se_disorderlyconductMisdemeanor Criminal Defense

Ready to take on your cases and defend you against any accusations.


se_assaultFelony Criminal Defense

Aggressive representation and expert defense of your rights.


“Nothing is more important than protecting our liberties and I have dedicated my life to doing that.”  – Kevin Sieben


The Attorneys

Meet the attorneys dedicated to providing you with nothing but the best legal advice






Kevin Sieben

Kevin Sieben is a third generation lawyer in the Sieben family from Hastings, Minnesota. From a family steeped in law and politics for over 100 years, Kevin Sieben dedicates his practice to defending those accused. Kevin Sieben’s practice has taken him to the four corners of the state. In his first six months in practice he defended an accused in a jury trial that resulted in a not guilty verdict. The jury trials and court appearances have continued and Sieben now has his own growing law practice. Kevin is an experienced Minnesota criminal attorney.







Samuel Edmunds

Samuel Edmunds is an experienced trial attorney. In 2007 Samuel Edmunds graduated Cum Laude from William Mitchell College of Law where he received the CALI Award of Excellence in Criminal Law. Samuel has tried countless cases in courts around the State of Minnesota and consistently obtains positive results for his clients. Before joining Sieben Edmunds PLLC, Samuel prosecuted criminal cases for seven years. He was admitted to practice by the Minnesota Supreme Court in 2007 and the United States District Court, District of Minnesota, in 2011.

Sieben Edmunds