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What Happens When A Car Hits A Pedestrian Riding An Electric Scooter?

by Mar 15, 2022Dea Cortney, Personal Injury

The electric scooter industry has exploded in recent years, especially in major metropolitan areas where riders are looking for a cheap and easy way to get around. This has caused some confusion about the best way to keep riders safe. The law in Minneapolis dictates that electric scooters should not be ridden on the sidewalk because they may be considered a motorized vehicle. But are scooter riders safe in the bike lane, right next to passing cars? 

Financial Recovery From A Scooter Accident

In most accidents the more vulnerable party is the one who is injured, such as a crash between a scooter rider and the driver of a car or truck. Since someone on a scooter, like a pedestrian, isn’t protected by airbags and seatbelts, they may suffer lacerations, broken bones, brain injuries, neck and back injuries, and other injuries that cause lasting damage. These injuries might require emergency medical attention or ongoing treatment, which quickly rack up a hefty bill. 

As is the case for any accident, those injured by another party while riding a scooter have limited time to pursue a personal injury case. It’s important to contact a Minnesota personal injury attorney as soon as you have received medical attention for your injuries. Your attorney must get to work right away to investigate and prove liability. We’ll speak with any witnesses, facilitate conversations with the insurance company, and handle all the legal aspects of your personal injury suit.

Never speak to the other party’s insurance company before retaining a personal injury lawyer. The insurance company can use any information you provide against you if your case does end up in court. Additionally, the insurance company may offer a settlement that will not adequately cover your long-term needs. Once you’ve accepted this settlement, you will likely have no way to request additional compensation in the future. It’s important to consider the true cost of your accident. Your personal injury lawyer can help explain which types of compensation you should consider.

Personal Injury Attorneys for Scooter Riders

Unless electric scooters are banned in Minnesota cities or their use is permitted on sidewalks,  we will likely continue to see accidents involving riders and drivers. Scooter riders don’t deserve to be injured at the hands of negligent drivers. We encourage anyone who has found themselves in such a situation to contact a personal injury attorney to discuss next steps.

Sieben Edmunds Miller is an award-winning personal injury law firm composed of skilled attorneys who want to help you heal from the physical, mental, and financial impacts of your injury. When you’ve been hurt, your job is to recover and feel better. Our job as your Minnesota personal injury lawyer is to do everything in our power to ensure that you don’t suffer from financial hardship as you recover. We strive to help every client obtain adequate compensation for the injuries they sustained in their pedestrian accident

Were you injured while riding an electric scooter? Contact our team to learn how we can help.

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