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What Do Personal Injury Cases That Settle Have in Common?

by Aug 23, 2022Mike Miller, Personal Injury

Many personal injury clients would prefer to settle their case, but it’s not wise to take any old settlement offer. Their attorney must negotiate a favorable settlement to ensure all your accident-related expenses are covered. Here’s what goes into settling a personal injury case when the client expects fair compensation but does not wish to go to court.

The attorney is responsive to the client and the insurance company

You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to accept a favorable settlement just because you’re working with a lawyer who refuses to promptly address the insurance company. If you’re working with an attorney who never seems available, ditch them! Your goals and concerns should be the driving force behind the settlement, so a personal injury attorney who ignores these concerns is not a good fit.

The client keeps accurate records and responds promptly to requests from their attorney

The client/attorney relationship goes both ways. Your lawyer can only do their best work when they have everything they need from you, the client. If your attorney needs information about new expenses, injuries, and evidence, respond to their requests in a timely manner.

The attorney provides realistic expectations on the possible value of the case

Your expectations must be realistic if you hope to settle your case without being forced to attend stressful, time-consuming court hearings. Your attorney has worked on many personal injury cases, so they have developed the unique ability to correctly estimate the possible value of each case. They should use this ability to help you develop realistic expectations. 

The pain and anguish you’re feeling after your accident may motivate you to request a larger settlement – that’s understandable. How can you really put a price on your comfort, health, and peace of mind? But sadly, insurance companies see you less as a person and more as a liability. That’s why you need a lawyer to explain what insurance may actually be willing to offer based on the facts of your case. 

The client is reasonable and trusts their attorney’s advice

Once you’ve had the difficult conversation with your attorney about how insurance may value your case, it’s important to trust their assessment. Your personal injury lawyer has years of education and experience, so you can feel confident that you’re getting your advice from a reliable source. As your case progresses, your attorney should offer relevant advice about how to proceed, but they should never pressure you to take a settlement just to wrap the case up quickly. 

The attorney keeps the client up to date on the status of their case

Updates from your attorney will keep the process moving forward. Since it’s ultimately up to you to decide how you’d like to resolve your case, your lawyer will need feedback from you at different points in the mediation process. Efficient communication about how your case is progressing goes both ways. A good attorney understands that they will have unique insight that the client does not possess, and they should always want to keep their client in the loop. 

Personal injury cases can be daunting for the client, but Sieben Edmunds Miller’s personal injury lawyers are here to help guide you toward a fair and timely settlement. Contact our office by calling (651) 994-6744 and we’ll be happy to help you determine next steps. 

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