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Summer Holidays and DWI’s

by May 27, 2011DWI / DUI, Sam Edmunds

As the summer heat nears, so do the summer holidays.  If your Memorial Day weekend or 4th of July holiday plans include alcohol, you should start planning now.

And no, I do not mean ordering a keg.

Two of the top three deadliest impaired driving holidays within the last two years fell within the next two months.  The Fourth of July marks the deadliest, with Memorial Day trailing right behind.

In 2007-2009, 11 of 18 traffic deaths during the Independence Day period were alcohol related.  Like past years, the police will increase their enforcement and focus on arresting impaired drivers during these upcoming holidays.

Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner.  Whether you are on a boat or traveling by car, start your holiday planning with a safe and sober driver.

If you are charged with driving while impaired, having an experienced attorney on your side can help change how you spend your summer.  More enforcement may mean a greater chance of being stopped by the police, so it is important to know your rights.


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