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How A Second DUI Offense Charge Can Affect Your Future

by Sep 9, 2020Criminal Defense Attorney, DWI / DUI, Sam Edmunds

The term “repeat offender” may conjure up images of hardened criminals in a prison yard, but that’s not totally accurate. Technically, a repeat offender is anyone who has been arrested for or committed a crime more than once. If you’ve been arrested for your second DUI in ten years, the legal system in Minnesota already views you as a repeat DUI offender and may punish you more harshly. But working with a DUI defense attorney in Minnesota who is knowledgeable about local laws can help your chances if you are charged with a second DUI.

If you’re facing your second DUI charge, it’s not the time to sit back and wait for it to go away – it definitely won’t. Without the right defense you will likely be convicted of a DUI for the second time, and face more severe consequences this time around. You need to find a Minnesota DUI lawyer who’s prepared to launch an aggressive defense to ensure you are not convicted of DUI for the second time.

The Consequences of a Second DUI Conviction

If you’re arrested for a second DUI, you may be facing a second degree or third degree DUI charge. Your charge will be far more serious if your previous DUI happened within the last ten years. As gross misdemeanor crimes, second degree and third degree DUIs bring the potential of up to a year in jail if you’re convicted. They can also carry a hefty fine that you may not be able to pay, leaving you in financial turmoil after you’re convicted.

Additionally, a second time DUI charge can trigger many related consequences. For example, driver’s license revocation time periods go up significantly. Further, you may be subject to special series license plate requirements, also known as whiskey plates or license plate impoundment. And finally, certain DUI offenses implicate Minnesota’s DUI vehicle forfeiture laws — meaning that the government will impound your motor vehicle and seek to remove it from your possession permanently.

Luckily, when you work with a Minnesota DUI law firm like Sieben Edmunds Miller, you have a great shot at avoiding a second DUI conviction and many of the consequences that come along with it.

Minnesota DUI Attorneys Who Defend Your Honor in Court

Unfortunately, many Minnesotans are unfairly charged with DUIs each year. If you’ve been previously convicted, you may have a target on your back. Prosecutors and law enforcement can be quick to assume that someone with a criminal record is reoffending without fully analyzing the evidence. This could mean you’ve been charged for DUI based on inaccurate evidence or that your offense level has been set higher than it should be.

If you believe you’ve been unfairly charged with a second DUI, your Minnesota DUI attorney will evaluate all the supposed evidence of you driving under the influence and help you develop a solid defense that takes into account all the relevant information. You can’t leave any favorable evidence out if you hope to win your case, so the right Minnesota DUI lawyer will pursue all avenues when gathering evidence.

If you’re searching for the right DUI defense law firm in Minnesota, look no further than Sieben Edmunds Miller PLLC. We’re working virtually during the pandemic to protect our clients’ rights. We will build a solid defense for you, and advocate for your rights every step of the way. We know that a substantial fine or time in jail can permanently alter the course of your life, and we don’t want to see that happen to you. Contact us at (651) 323-2464 or via our website to get started.

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