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The Role of a Minnesota Criminal Defense Lawyer

by Sep 17, 2020Criminal Defense Attorney, Sam Edmunds

In Minnesota we have a three-part criminal justice system consisting of the judge or jury, prosecutor, and defense attorney. Each role in this system has a specific set of responsibilities, and the system relies on all parties’ competence to run smoothly. For a criminal defense lawyer in Minnesota, this means keeping clients informed while properly assessing the case and formulating a solid defense.

If you’ve been charged with a crime in Minnesota, here’s what a Minnesota criminal defense attorney from Sieben Edmunds Miller will do to help you with your case.

Assess the Case from a Legal Perspective

An attorney has studied state and federal laws extensively and knows how they apply to your case. They’ll understand the legal jargon that can sometimes make it difficult to know exactly what your charges are or what consequences you face.

Your attorney will use their knowledge of the law to determine the best course of action. Even if you’re 100% innocent or are fully guilty of the crime, there’s more than one option for the future of your case. You may be able to have your charges dismissed or take a plea deal, or you may end up going through a trial to get the best possible outcome to your case. If your case does make it to trial, your attorney will be prepared to advocate for you using their professional knowledge.

Collect Information

A criminal defense attorney in Minnesota must work extensively to collect pieces of evidence and protect them from being compromised prior to your court appearances. Once your attorney has formulated a defense strategy for your case, they will likely seek out specific information or evidence to strengthen that defense. If you’ve been charged with a property crime or a vehicular crime, your MN criminal defense attorney might visit the scene of the alleged crime to collect proof or other valuable information which can strengthen your case. If there are witnesses, the attorney may follow up with them and gather information. This is all part of a Minnesota criminal defense lawyer’s process.

File Motions with the Court

If you were to try to defend yourself in a criminal case, the whole legal system may be foreign and confusing. That’s why it’s important to hire an attorney right away when you’ve been charged with a crime. If you wait too long, things could fall through the cracks; you may miss important opportunities to clear your name or make positive progress in your case.

A Minnesota criminal defense lawyer will be responsible for filing your paperwork with the court, including pretrial motions that may help you fight your charges. They may recommend filing several motions, including:

  • Motion to suppress, which asks the judge to suppress a piece of evidence because it was illegally obtained.
  • Motion to change venue (where the trial takes place).
  • Motion to dismiss.
  • Motion to modify bail.

All of these motions can make it easier to positively resolve your case, but they might be unavailable to you without the help of a Minnesota criminal defense lawyer.

Keep You Informed

The legal system can be fast-moving at times and slow-moving at others. It can also be confusing to navigate since most of us are not familiar with the steps of a criminal case. Minnesota criminal defense lawyers have spent years learning about how the law works so they can keep their clients informed. You’re probably already anxious and stressed about your pending legal case. You don’t need the added pressure of having to learn all about criminal law in Minnesota. Let your criminal defense lawyer take care of that, and he’ll make sure to keep you informed every step of the way.

Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorneys in the Twin Cities

If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime and is seeking legal representation, Sieben Edmunds Miller’s legal services can help you get through this difficult time in your life. We understand that the legal system can be complex and overwhelming, so we’ll help you fight for your rights while keeping you updated on any new developments. Our team is here to help.

Contact our law firm at (651) 323-2464 to set up your consultation with an experienced and dedicated Minnesota defense attorney.

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