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Personal Injury Attorneys in Ramsey County

Ramsey County Personal Injury Lawyers

Ramsey County has a rich 100+ year history, as does St. Paul, our capital city. Originally called “Pig’s Eye” after the first European settler in the area, St. Paul is now a bustling metropolis surrounded by pristine suburbs. Ramsey County is an idyllic area with great personal and professional opportunities, but unfortunately, tragic events do still happen in St. Paul and the surrounding suburbs. Sometimes these events are caused by negligence, and a personal injury claim eventually arises.

At Sieben Edmunds Miller, we understand that when you suffer a personal injury the stakes are high. Not only are you suffering an injury that produces pain, but your enjoyment of life is diminished. You simply cannot interact with your family, children, friends, and enjoy life as you once did. And if you’ve been treated at Regions Hospital or another Ramsey County medical facility, you’ll probably have medical bills piling up.

When you’re coming to terms with a personal injury, you shouldn’t have to worry about the expenses that go along with it. Your medical bills, lost wages, and possibly even your damaged property may be looming overhead, but a personal injury attorney in Ramsey County can help you recoup the cost of your accident – including your pain and suffering.

Car Accident Personal Injury Attorneys in Ramsey County

Thousands of people are injured in car and motor vehicle accidents on Ramsey County highways and throughout Minnesota every year. When you are involved in a collision you need to know all your options when dealing with insurance companies.

The car accident personal injury lawyers at Sieben Edmunds Miller help people from Ramsey County and across the Twin Cities area who have been hurt in a car, truck, motorcycle or ATV accident to obtain the compensation they deserve. We’ll work with you to file a claim for accident benefits on your insurance policy while also pursuing a personal injury lawsuit against the person who injured you or their insurance carrier.

No matter how serious your injuries might be, we have devoted our careers to fighting for your rights. While an attempt to settle your case before going through a trial might be appropriate, we prepare every case as though it will end up in front of a judge or jury: thoroughly, completely, aggressively, and with your best interest and future in mind. We will be ready to help you after a collision occurs.

Premises Liability Personal Injury Cases in Ramsey

A personal injury often occurs when an individual is on someone else’s property. Whether you’re on commercial or residential property when your injury occurs, the property owner may be responsible for your expenses. This is known as a premises liability case.

The owner of a residential or commercial property has the complete responsibility to maintain their property adequately and safely. Adequate maintenance includes shoveling snow and repairing cracks in sidewalks and parking lots, offering proper security, providing adequate lighting in commercial spaces, and performing routine maintenance to keep the property in good repair or to maintain a safe workplace.

If you are injured as a direct result of an improperly maintained premises you certainly have a good personal injury case. But if you were attacked or assaulted due to an improperly lit property, our premises liability attorneys in Ramsey County can also help you hold the property owner responsible for the negligent conditions. Here’s more on our Minnesota premises liability personal injury attorneys.

Ramsey County Personal Injury Lawyers

If you’re facing a personal injury case, you can trust the experienced Minnesota lawyers at Sieben Edmunds Miller to advocate for you. We will treat your case with the care and attention we would give to our own friends and family. You should never have to worry about finances while you’re working on healing physically and emotionally, so we’ll try to relieve you of that burden. And if your family member has been completely incapacitated by an injury, we can help you advocate for their financial and emotional well-being. You can reach our team at (651) 323-2464.

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