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Parking Lot Accidents: More Dangerous Than You Think

by May 3, 2022Dea Cortney, Personal Injury

When most of us think of serious car accidents, we imagine high speed collisions or T-bones at intersections. But did you know that many people are struck and injured in parking lots each year? In fact, parking lot injuries are fairly common. They can happen much more easily because pedestrians may not be as vigilant in an area where they perceive that they are safe. Our parking lot accident lawyers often work with pedestrians hit by a car in a parking lot who have medical expenses and other concerns.

Any vehicle accident can be life-changing, with physical and mental scars that may last forever. Here are some of the things you can do to avoid being injured in a parking lot car accident.

Common Parking Lot Accidents 

Common parking lot accidents include being struck by a driver who is driving too fast, being struck when you are in a blindspot, and children being struck by a vehicle when they are not close to their caregiver. These parking lot accidents can cause injuries such as abrasions, broken bones, head injuries, and even life-threatening injuries (especially if the victim is a child). Here’s more on how to avoid each of these scenarios.

Speeding Drivers 

The best thing you can do to avoid being injured by a reckless driver who is traveling at a high speed in a parking lot is to be vigilant. While we would love to have every driver be much more careful when they’re around pedestrians, this just is not a reality. As a pedestrian who is much more likely to be injured in the collision than the vehicle, it is very important that you always remain aware of your surroundings and can get yourself out of the way of an oncoming vehicle. Cars that are pulling out of a parking space generally aren’t traveling at a very high rate of speed, but you should always be aware of them backing up. 

Avoiding Blind Spots

To avoid being struck by a driver who does not see you, try to walk down the middle rows. Drivers expect that there will be pedestrians and vehicles in these areas, so they will be more likely to drive carefully. They are also better lit at night, which helps everyone see each other. When you cut through a parking lot and are in between the parked cars, a driver may not be expecting you to pop out into the middle of the aisle. While the driver may (and should) be going slowly enough that they can stop in time and not hit you, we know this isn’t always the case. 

Keeping Children Safe

Many parents are concerned that their children will be hit by a vehicle in a parking lot. It is important to teach your child from a young age that it is unsafe to walk in any area where cars are driving without a parent. Children are naturally curious and energetic, so don’t feel bad about their rambunctious spirit in the parking lot. Your ability to recognize these concerns and prevent them from turning into a catastrophe means that you are a responsible parent.

Look into resources that teach children why they should not run near vehicles, and come up with a system that allows you to maintain control of the child when walking through the parking lot. One easy solution is to hold your child’s hand until you safely get to the vehicle. If you are loading bags into your vehicle, consider putting your child into their car seat instead of having them stand by the car. It only takes a moment for your child to wander off and put themselves in the path of an oncoming vehicle. There are also resources that will help you invent games to distract your child or keep them occupied while you walk into the store together.

Parking Lot Awareness

Don’t let a false sense of security trick you into thinking there is no chance of being struck by a vehicle in a parking lot. Remain alert at all times, and don’t allow children to walk or run through the parking lot unattended. 

If you have been injured in a parking lot vehicle accident, contact Sieben Edmunds Miller to consider your next steps. If a driver of a vehicle is at fault for any accident where they struck and injured a pedestrian, even in a parking lot, they may be held responsible for the resulting financial burden they have caused. Medical bills, lost wages, and even the long term effects of a disability can be addressed through a personal injury settlement. A parking lot accident attorney from Sieben Edmunds Miller is here to help you determine whether legal action is advisable. 

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