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New Expungement Law Benefits #2-3: Follow Up and Legal Remedy

by Nov 26, 2014Criminal Defense Attorney

Prior to the new law, if you received an expungement order, the law enforcement agencies had 60 days to comply.  They didn’t have to tell the court they did it, and they certainly didn’t have to tell you that they completed the action.  Now, under the new law, you can request in a petition that the agencies which have your records confirm that they have complied with the expungement order so that you can have peace of mind.

Even better for new petitioners, is that if the government does not comply with the expungement order, you are now authorized to sue them in a court of law!  This is provided for under Chapter 13.08 of Minnesota Statutes.

These two new provisions are huge victories for those trying to get their lives back by sealing their criminal records.  Here at Sieben Edmunds, we will walk you through the expungement process step-by-step and make sure you have the best chance possible at sealing your criminal history.

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