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New Expungement Law Benefit #1: No Petition

by Nov 20, 2014Uncategorized

The current law requires that you file a lengthy petition which includes all your previous addresses, a statement about why you are requesting an expungement, and many more details about the offense or offenses you are trying to expunge.  (For the complete list of things you need to know, check here:  Once you submit this petition, you have to wait at least 60 days, and often more than that, to get your hearing to expunge. This takes up your time and it costs you money to hire a lawyer to prepare it properly.

Now, however, the new law allows you or your attorney to speak with the prosecutor on the file and if the prosecutor agrees that it should be expunged, then no petition is necessary and the court is then likely to award expungement.  Moreover, there is the potential that you do not have to wait the 60 day waiting period that is required for those filing a petition.  This means there may be an opportunity to get your expungement faster, cheaper, and with less hassle.

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Watch the Kare 11 story on the new law for additional information:

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