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Lawyers, Guns, and Money

by Jun 5, 2020Wisconsin OWI Lawyer

During times of national crisis, American’s buy guns. A recent New York Times article detailed that nearly two million guns were purchased in March alone. The American tradition of firearm ownership dates back to the founding of our country. Whether it be for sport, recreation, or protection, America is full of proud gun owners. Unfortunately, many of those same Americans are prohibited from owning or possessing guns due to an old criminal conviction. We are not talking about hardened criminals here. Many people who had a drug conviction from 10 plus years ago or during college are not legally allowed to use a gun to go hunting. Some rather small seemingly innocuous crimes can preclude an individual from owning a gun.

Firearm Rights Can Be Restored

If you made a mistake that prevents you from owning a firearm, you should contact an attorney to help you get your firearm rights restored. Unless you get your firearm rights restored, you cannot use or even possess a firearm. For many, a simple order from the judge can get you back out in the fields hunting again. The criminal defense lawyers at Sieben Edmunds Miller know how to properly petition the court to restore your firearm rights. Make the call today.

Why do you need a lawyer to restore your firearm rights?

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Simply petitioning the Court to restore firearm rights does not guarantee that your civil right of gun ownership will be returned to you. A persuasive petition is where a good lawyer can mean the difference between being able to own a gun again, or not. Knowledge of the laws along with an understanding of the system can go a long way. Lawyers know when, where, and how to file this petition. A mistake can be costly. If a petition is denied, a new petition cannot be filed for another three years. It is important to do it right. Hire the best firearm restoration attorney today — We think that’s us.

What about Money?

Hiring a lawyer is no fun. Sure we are nice, but who wants to dole out hard earned cash on a lawyer? We get it. We have developed a system that allows us to quickly and expeditiously work on your case so that we do not need to charge you for excess time. To properly prepare a firearm restoration petition takes time. Time is the commodity of lawyers. It also will take time to argue the merits of your petition to a judge. We will do all that we can to ensure that you get value out of a payment you did not enjoy making. Don’t wait for another crisis, get your rights back now. Contact one of the knowledgeable, skilled, gun rights lawyers at Sieben Edmunds Miller today.

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