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Kevin Sieben Elected President of the Minnesota Society for Criminal Justice

by Apr 30, 2021Criminal Defense Attorney, Firm News, Kevin Sieben

Please join the Sieben Edmunds Miller team in congratulating our own Kevin Sieben, who was recently elected President of the Minnesota Society for Criminal Justice! This is a great honor afforded by an organization with a long and prestigious history in Minnesota.

What is the Minnesota Society for Criminal Justice?

Founded in 1986, the Minnesota Society for Criminal Justice (MSCJ) is one of only two Minnesota criminal defense lawyers – specialized bar associations. This exclusive organization is limited to approximately 50 members at one time. Membership is by invitation only, based on a vote by the existing members when a vacancy arises. The exclusivity of the Society means members are some of the best defense attorneys in the state. These lawyers commit themselves to protecting and advancing the civil rights and constitutional rights of the People, against the government.

How Does the Society Affect Change?

Members meet approximately once a month to discuss new developments in Minnesota criminal law and DWI defense practice. By sharing information, briefs, arguments, and brain-storming, members both contribute and benefit. This camaraderie between members allows each attorney to continue honing their skills, which benefits their clients and the Minnesota justice system.

MSCJ also offers continuing legal education. Since 1985, the Society has held an annual DWI and criminal defense seminar for attorneys across the state. The seminar covers that year’s changes and challenges to DWI law, the faulty science of drugged driving prosecutions, winning blood cases, DWIs, alcohol and guns, DWI forfeiture wins, consequences of DWI on entry into Canada, and more. The leading edge of criminal law has never been more available to Minnesota defense attorneys thanks to these seminars.

We’re thrilled to see Kevin bring his unique experience and philosophy to MSCJ as its new President. Congratulations, Kevin!

Learn more about the Minnesota Society for Criminal Justice.

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