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Injuries Sustained During Summer Jet Ski Accidents

by Jun 21, 2022Dea Cortney, Personal Injury

If there’s one thing Minnesotans know how to do, it’s how to have fun in the summer. With our cold winter weather, most of us want to get out and experience nature as soon as the temperatures start to rise. For many of us that means spending time on the lake. 

From canoeing to boating to jet skiing, we’ve devised many ways to have fun in the sun out on the water. While most of us will have an accident-free summer at the lake, some Minnesotans will experience an injury while using a boat, jet ski, or even while tubing. These accidents are often caused by other reckless drivers, and alcohol is often involved. When a jet ski accident leaves you injured, a Minnesota personal injury attorney can help you seek compensation for your expenses.

Common Jet Ski Accident Injuries

Common jet ski injuries include lacerations, broken bones, and whiplash. Water may be forgiving when jumping off the dock, but when you are driving a jet ski at a high rate of speed, falling into the water can be extremely jarring. Additionally, anyone who is knocked unconscious after a jet ski accident risks being deprived of oxygen while they float in the water. These near-drownings often contribute to the serious lasting injuries accident victims may sustain. 

When another watercraft collides with a jet ski, the results may be similar to a car crash. Unfortunately, riders may be thrown against the other watercraft. They can even be pinned between the two vehicles at the moment of collision. Broken bones and even internal injuries are not unheard of. 

Drinking and Boating Causes Many Jet Ski Accidents

One important thing to note about boating and jet skiing accidents is that alcohol is often involved. Driving a boat or jet ski under the influence constitutes a DWI in the same way as if you were driving a car or truck. This means that the driver of the watercraft that injured you may face criminal charges if they were driving under the influence. Criminal charges are tried in a different court than personal injury, so this is a separate issue. However, this information may be relevant to your personal injury case. Since every case is different, your attorney will be able to provide more information.

Addressing Medical Expenses From Your Accident

The injuries, medical expenses, and lost wages sustained after an accident take an immense toll on the victim. As you recover from your injury, you should not be held responsible for these expenses. If you have been injured by the driver of a jet ski or were on a jet ski when another watercraft crashed into you, you may have cause to file a personal injury lawsuit. The best way to know whether your jet ski accident calls for a personal injury lawsuit is to speak with a personal injury lawyer in Minnesota about your situation. An attorney will be able to tell you which of your expenses may be covered by a settlement and how you can expect your case to go.

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