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How to Select a DWI Attorney

by Aug 24, 2011DWI / DUI, Sam Edmunds

If you or a close friend or family member has been charged with driving under the influence, you’re sure to want the best possible resolution of the situation.

The aftermath of a DWI arrest is a scary and uncertain time. You or your loved one may be overwhelmed by the options in front of you — or perhaps by what seems like a lack of options.

The truth is, you do have choices. One of the most important choices you can make? Who to call for help. A DWI attorney can be an incredibly valuable resource, if you work with the right person. Here are a few things to look for when considering DWI attorneys:

  • Choose an expert. Just because someone has a law degree, it doesn’t mean he or she is a specialist when it comes to DWI laws. You deserve someone who knows what it takes to fight for you.
  • Choose someone local. Make sure your attorney understands the laws specific to your area. Laws range by state, so it’s crucial that you hire someone with local roots and local expertise.
  • Choose someone willing to work hard on your behalf. It sounds simple, right? Why wouldn’t an attorney be willing to work hard on your behalf? The truth is, you don’t want to end up as an anonymous piece of paperwork at the bottom of an attorney’s endless pile. Choose someone who will get to know you, focus on your case, and go to bat for you.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the right attorney does make a difference.

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