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How to deal with a DWI

by Apr 19, 2011DWI / DUI, Sam Edmunds

It’s late. You’re driving home, and flashing lights appear behind you. You pull over. You’ve had a couple of drinks.

What happens next?

No one wants to be in this situation, but it happens every day. This scenario involves a lot of uncertainty. What are your rights? What should you say? What are you required to do?

There are a lot of regulations surrounding DWI testing, processing and prosecution. For example, did you know that in Minnesota it is a gross misdemeanor to refuse to submit to a DWI test? And did you also know that, in almost all cases, the police officer on site must inform you about the Minnesota Implied Consent Advisory prior to administering a DWI test?

It can be difficult for any civilian to remember all the details of DWI procedure, especially under the inherent stress of a possible DWI arrest. In Minnesota, DWI penalties can be severe and the ramifications can stay with you for a lifetime. That’s why it’s so important to seek the counsel of a seasoned expert who can help you navigate every step of the process.

A qualified attorney can quickly determine if the police followed the proper procedures during your DWI (or DUI) arrest. If any errors were made, those errors can be dealt with in a manner that may elicit a better result for you.

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