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How Minnesota’s Pedestrian Roadway Laws Affect Your Personal Injury Case

by Nov 17, 2020Car Accidents, Mike Miller, Personal Injury

If you’ve been injured by a driver while on the sidewalk, in a crosswalk, or in a parking lot, you know how unfair the situation can seem. Because you were on foot, your injuries were likely more severe than any injuries or damage sustained by the driver of the vehicle. This may cause you to feel angry that the driver was so careless while behind the wheel, and you probably feel they should be held accountable for not being a responsible driver and subsequently causing your injuries.

You’d think the driver of a car, truck, or semi would always be considered at fault for hitting a pedestrian, but that simply isn’t the case. Fault is generally determined based on the pedestrian and driver laws in the state where the accident occurred. There are many laws in Minnesota that describe how pedestrians and drivers should interact, including who has the right-of-way in certain situations.

Here’s how your Minnesota pedestrian accident attorneys will use these laws to benefit your personal injury case.

The Basics of Pedestrian Roadway and Crosswalk Laws in Minnesota

When you follow the pedestrian laws, you’re doing everything in your power to avoid an accident. This makes it clear to the insurance companies and to the court that you’re not at fault for your accident and injuries. Here are some of the most relevant laws for pedestrians in Minnesota:

  • Pedestrians must obey traffic-control signals at intersections.
  • In places where traffic-control signals aren’t present, drivers must yield to pedestrians within a crosswalk.
  • When crossing a roadway at any point other than within a marked crosswalk or an intersection without a marked crosswalk, every pedestrian must yield to all vehicles on the roadway.
  • If traffic-control signals are in operation, pedestrians must not cross at any place except in a marked crosswalk.
  • Pedestrians must walk on the left side of the roadway or shoulder giving way to oncoming traffic. When sidewalks are present, pedestrians must use them.

Keep in mind that just because you follow every single law doesn’t mean you won’t be involved in an accident. The sad truth is that human error is responsible for many driving accidents. If the driver of a vehicle hit you while you were following all of these laws, however, you will have a much easier time winning your personal injury case with the help of your MN pedestrian accident lawyers. It should also be mentioned that Minnesota uses a comparative fault analysis when determining who was responsible for an accident. This means that even if you weren’t in a crosswalk, we may be able to show that the other driver was mostly to blame for the incident. Just because someone isn’t in a crosswalk doesn’t mean that drivers are allowed to hit people. Make sure you reach out to our attorneys to discuss the details of your accident and how we may be able to help you.

How Minnesota Personal Injury Attorneys Prove Fault

By working with a Minnesota personal injury lawyer and using Minnesota’s pedestrian roadway laws, you can prove you are not at fault for the accident that caused your injuries. You’ll need to rely on witnesses and evidence to back up your retelling of the event. It’s important to speak with a personal injury attorney right away so they can begin speaking with witnesses and gathering evidence. When your attorney successfully proves that the driver of the vehicle was at fault, you’ll be able to hold them (and/or their insurance company) responsible financially for your injuries, lost wages, and more.

Once it’s been established that the other party was at fault in your accident, you can start to focus on the expenses you incurred because of your injury. You’ll want to consider medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, damage to your property, and more. A settlement offer from the insurance company should take all these expenses into account. If it isn’t a fair settlement, your personal injury attorneys should always be prepared to take your case to court.

Contact Our MN Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Sieben Edmunds Miller’s Minnesota personal injury lawyers understand how important it is to establish fault quickly in a pedestrian accident. When you choose us as your pedestrian accident lawyers, we’ll get started collecting evidence right away. Whether it’s contacting witnesses or visiting the scene of the accident, we’ll do what it takes to prove you were not at fault and deserve to be compensated for your pain and suffering. To get started, contact our attorneys for a consultation at (651) 323-2464.

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