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How Hiring a Drug Crimes Defense Attorney Can Help Your Case

by Dec 3, 2019Drug Crimes, Sam Edmunds

A drug crime conviction could cause serious consequences in your future beyond just potential fines and jail time stemming from the conviction itself. A drug crime on your record could negatively affect many aspects of your life including your ability to obtain employment, housing, and student loans, and may impact your reputation in the community for years to come. For these reasons, it’s important to fight back against drug crime charges with the help of an experienced Minneapolis criminal defense attorney.

If you have been charged with a drug crime, here are three important reasons you should hire a drug crimes defense attorney to help with your charges:

1. Knowledge & Expertise

The law is complicated! You deserve an attorney who has dedicated their career to learning and practicing criminal law. You do not need to navigate the court system and its many intricacies, deadlines, and policies on your own. The attorneys at Sieben Edmunds Miller are well versed in the legal system itself, as well as criminal, constitutional, and evidentiary law and criminal procedure. They will make sure you understand your case and the legal process. Together, you and your attorney can make a specialized plan to fight the charges against you.

2. Experience

The attorneys at Sieben Edmunds Miller have a wealth of experience in the criminal defense field generally, and specifically with drug crimes. The team of dedicated defense lawyers have worked on thousands of cases over the years and know what it takes to put together a winning strategy. Working with an experienced Minneapolis drug defense lawyer means working with someone who knows the system—the courts, the judges, the prosecutors, the likely outcomes—and can adeptly work within that system to get the best possible outcome for your case.

3. Personal Attention

Public defenders carry enormous caseloads and often have mere minutes to spend with each client before important hearings. In comparison, the attorneys at Sieben Edmunds Miller are able to pay special attention to each client and review each case with care. We know that each case is unique and that finding the best possible outcome for your individual case depends on knowing the details.

Call a Minneapolis Drug Defense Attorney Today!

If you’ve been charged with a drug crime, don’t face the confusing and overwhelming court process alone! You need the assistance of a dedicated and experienced drug crimes attorney. Call Sieben Edmunds Miller at 651-994-6744 today!

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