Get Your Life Back.

It’s embarrassing.  Back in college you got a minor consumption ticket which has haunted you in graduate school or when you appliedLocked Folder Picture for that job you really wanted. It’s wrecking your career.  Years ago you were down on your luck and you got caught shoplifting some items at a department store.  You’ve been unable to obtain a good job, or start a career in a field that requires trust. It’s emotionally devastating.  You used to have a drug addiction that you’ve fought hard to beat and now you are a totally different person.  But the fact that you used to use is public record and you constantly fear someone is going to find it and use it against you. Having a criminal record has all sorts of terrible effects on the quality of your life.  Fortunately, the Minnesota State Legislature has adopted a new law that makes getting your criminal record sealed (called an expungement here) more likely.  Over the next few weeks, I’ll be highlighting the benefits of this law for your situation. Do not hesitate to contact us at Sieben Edmunds to help you seal your criminal record and get your life back.