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Drinking and Driving on the Fourth of July

by Jun 21, 2011DWI / DUI, Sam Edmunds

The Fourth of July is a time for celebration. With the holiday falling on a Monday this year, everyone has the opportunity to enjoy a long weekend with friends, family, fireworks, food and plenty of fun.

But along with the celebration comes a steep increase in the number of DWI/DUI patrols. The Fourth of July weekend is routinely the deadliest — and most alcohol-fueled — weekend on Minnesota roads, surpassing both St. Patrick’s Day and Memorial Day.

As a result, Minnesota State Patrol officers have traditionally stepped up patrols surrounding the Fourth of July holiday, and this year the anti-drunk driving efforts will be as strong as ever.

On July 1 — just in time for the holiday weekend — a new DWI law goes into effect in Minnesota. This toughened law makes breath-testing ignition locks a potential punishment for repeat DWI offenders as well as first-timers who register at or above 0.16 on a blood alcohol screening test.

This Fourth of July, stay safe and choose a designated driver. And if you’re arrested for an alcohol-related offense, seek the advice of an expert attorney who can help you understand your rights.


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