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A day in the life of someone with a DUI/DWI

by Jul 11, 2011DWI / DUI, Sam Edmunds

What’s on your mind today? Perhaps you’re thinking about where to pick up take-out for supper, or how you’re going to find time to squeeze in a workout. Maybe you’re wondering where you’re going to meet your friends for drinks later.

If you have a DUI or DWI on your record, you might have a few other things on your mind. For many people, the impact of a DWI drags on long after the sun goes down on arrest day.

Depending on the degree of your offense and the severity of the corresponding sentence, your day might include any number of activities, such as

  • Finding transportation, if your license has been revoked or your vehicle has been impounded.
  • Attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, if mandated by the court.
  • Checking in with your probation officer, if you have been assigned to one.
  • Re-taking your driver’s test if the mandatory waiting period has expired.
  • Attending substance abuse counseling, if mandated by the court.
  • Trying to re-balance your budget to accommodate fines and fees.
  • Affixing whisky plates to your Alcoholics, in the case of some repeat offenders.

And, in the case of some DWIs, your day might revolve entirely around one thing: sitting in jail.

A DWI impacts your life in more ways than many people imagine. Your rights are worth fighting for, so contact an experienced attorney today.

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